How often do we allocate grant awards?

The Farmington & Farmington Hills Foundation for Youth & Families currently has two grant cycles per year; in the spring and fall.  Applications for consideration during our spring grant cycle must be received by April 15th, and for the fall cycle, October 15th.  If you need some help with your application, you can watch a short video tutorial. 

Who is eligible for a grant?

Each grant application we receive will be reviewed on its own merits, taking into consideration the criteria below.  It should be emphasized that these criteria are guidelines only and from time to time, applications may be reviewed and accepted that do not fall within these parameters.


  1.  Programs and organizations requesting grant awards should benefit the Farmington Hills & Farmington area. Applications may be considered from programs or organizations from outside the Farmington & Farmington Hills area, providing that they can demonstrate substantial benefits to Farmington & Farmington Hills residents.
  2. Grant awards will be made to groups, not individuals.
  3. Priority will be given to programs and organization that place an emphasis on prevention.
  4. Programs should be open to, or of benefit, to all and should encourage diversity & inclusiveness. Grants will not generally be awarded to religious organizations except for programs or services provided on a secular basis, which are available to persons without regard to religious preference.
5.  Awards granted should be for program expenses and materials rather than for property, staffing or operational costs.
6. Applicants should show a willingness and ability to pursue additional funding from other sources.
7. Applicants should only submit one application per year. However, if an applicant requests a grant as part of the spring cycle and that request is only partially met, the applicant may submit a second application for the remaining balance as part of the fall grant cycle.  Secondary applications of this nature will be considered on their individual merit and may be met depending on the availability of sufficient funds.
8. Applicants who have been grant recipients in the past should have met the terms and conditions of the grant agreement including appropriate and timely reporting.

How do you apply for a grant?

Are you interested in applying for a grant? Our Grant Application Form is available by calling our office at (248) 426-1190 or you can click on the link below.  Remember, our spring grant deadline is April 15th and our fall grant deadline is October 15th. Please contact us if you have questions!

Click here to download a grant application.

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